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Redatex on Facebook

Redatex enters the world of social networks. Thanks to our new Facebook profile, all our on-line fans can now become a "friend" of the company.

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tablecloths, sheets and towels for laundry, hotel and catering industries.


A human and professional community with 30 years of history, the Redatex history is primarily a story about men, events and relationships that have consolidated over time

Thousands of hours spent working on “their” Project. Trains and planes with a thousand destinations, with the sole desire to make their project a reality. Miles of asphalt travelled by car. Skipped meals and sleepless nights. A lot of sweat and disappointment, but also unexpected joys and satisfactions.  

A reality that after so many years has developed a "common feeling" among those who have trusted in us and in the Project that continues today in our ultimate workshop. This mission is most clearly seen in daily Redatex life: many customers and suppliers whose relationship with us began decades ago.  Ours is an adventure made of relationships and people, rather than a simple cold "job" (sales and purchases, payments, prices, merchandise that comes and goes)

It was for this reason that we decided to always put quality before quantity, not as an empty formula but as a genuine need. Our phone does not go unanswered, people are not kept waiting around, “good day” is almost as obligatory as the low tone of voice …

Happy surfing ... but with a warning: on our site you will find all of our products, described in the classic language of sales: articles, creations, processing characteristics. Do not be fooled by the apparent "coldness" of the next few pages; it is just a ploy to facilitate understanding.

However what is always hidden is the atmosphere we just spoke of, and that we invite you to experience, if only just out of curiosity. And if this is a hope, the certainty is that the traveler who stops to visit via delle Case Rosse 141 on his way to Rome, will be welcome on our island and then become part of our Project, our group of people, and our history ...