tablecloths, sheets and towels for laundry, hotel and catering industries.

Bed Line

The master bedroom, a place to rest and the perfect setting for dreams. Redatex linens are designed to ensure your maximum sensation of well-being even at night.


Pillowcases, single and double sheets, white or colored, made in different lines based on strength and comfort.

A wide array of bedcover, quilts and blankets, also in a fire retardant version, tested and certified compliant with regulations. Soft colored bedside mats made of cotton. A wide range of stock, including products that are permanently available in permanent stock:

  • “Pyr” single and double sheets and pillowcases (20/24 blend).
  • Terry towel mattress cover (sizes 140x240 cm. and 220x240 cm.).
  • Flameproof blankets brown with velvet edges (sizes 150x210 cm. and 210x250 cm.).


Linea Linea "Pyr"

Sheets "Pyr"-Made in Egypt-white-100% cotton-composition 20 jokes 24 wires - Available in ready sto ... »

Linea Linea "Sfinge"

Sheets "Linea Sfinge "- Made in Egypt -white - 100% cotton - 30 Composition jokes 27 threads- Avail ... »

Linea Linea "Quality"

Sheets "Line Quality "- Made in Italy - white-Polycotton - 40 30 lines-wire Composition - Available ... »

Flameproof blankets

Coperte bordo velluto Coperte bordo velluto

Fire retardant blanket with velvet - Col. Brown- Gr. 400 m2 - 88% acrylic/Gr 10% Poly/2% cotton - Av ... »


Copriletto Copriletto "Art. Rombetti 2"

Flame retardant bedspreads "Art. 2 rombetti "-Col. Various-100% Poly by Trevira C.S.-Gr. 215 sqm-d ... »

Copriletto Copriletto "Art. Rombetti"

Bedspread "Art. Rombetti "-Col. Various-100% Mercerized cotton-size 200 sqm-delivery time: 10 days ... »

Terry towel mattress cover

Coprimaterasso in spugna Coprimaterasso in spugna

Terry mattress cover with elastic corners "Art. Montecarlo "-Col. White-100% cotton-Gr. 215 sqm-ava ... »


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Bed Line

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