tablecloths, sheets and towels for laundry, hotel and catering industries.


"Item Giada"

50 % Cotton / 50% flax indanthrene dyes -  Delivery: 30 days from order

Code - ItemSize. (cm)Euro
LT. GI - Napkin52x543,10
LT. GI - Runner52x1045,80
LT. GI - Tablecloth108x11011,00
LT. GI - Tablecloth124x12616,25
LT. GI - Tablecloth108x16416,25
LT. GI - Tablecloth164x16823,20
LT. GI - Tablecloth185x19036,30
LT. GI - Tablecloth220x22843,75
LT. GI - Round tableclothFino a 32588,75

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